UPDATE 27 MAY: Following recent social media activity surrounding the planning application for Windsor Grove, Southwark Metals have issued a statement which you can read here.

To find out the facts about the project, you can view our fact checker document by clicking here. We have also published information about the changes we made to the scheme following public consultation, which you can view by clicking here.


Welcome to the website for the proposed new metal recycling facility on Windsor Grove

The West Norwood Car Breaker's Yard on Windsor Grove is a safeguarded waste site in the London Borough of Lambeth that has a permit to handle 25,000 tonnes of scrap vehicles a year. This is the website for the upgrade of that facility that will be run by Southwark Metals, a highly respected firm. A modern metal recycling facility is proposed on the site that will: 





Benefit from being operated by Southwark Metals, a 40 year old, family-run business with an exemplary track record in the metal recycling industry. 

Maximise the potential of a severely underutilised and safeguarded waste site, which sits in a Key Industrial Business Area (KIBA). 

Help Lambeth tackle the problem of its massive shortfall in being able to handle waste and recycling in the local area​.



The site is located on Windsor Grove, West Norwood in the Borough of Lambeth. The site has a permit to handle 25,000 tonnes of scrap vehicles per year and it has historically been home to the West Norwood Car Breaker’s Yard, which has temporarily ceased to trade on the site.

It is safeguarded in local planning policy for waste use and it also sits in one of Lambeth’s Key Industrial Business Areas (KIBA) meaning it cannot have a non-industrial use on it. It is one of few sites left in Lambeth that is fit for a modern metal recycling facility.  

View of the Car Breakers Yard


Proposals for an upgraded facility at Windsor Grove are being brought forward that will provide metal recycling services. 

The upgraded site, will be run by Southwark Metals which is a 40 year old, family run business with an impeccable track record in the metal recycling business. It has been a leading pioneer in tackling metal theft, in collaboration with Scotland Yard, and is a proud and active member of the British Metals Recycling Association. 

Southwark Metals will manage scrap metal using the most up-to-date green technologies available in the market place. The new facility will adhere to the highest environmental and safety standards in contrast to the previous operation which has temporarily ceased trading. 


This will be done in an enclosed, modern, state-of-the-art building which will minimise any noise or dust created as a result of the operation on-site. Following extensive engagement with the local community we have made significant changes to the scheme. This includes removing the vehicle depollution element of the previous facility and significantly improving the landscaping on site, including a green roof, a green wall on the building and a strengthening of the screening on the site boundary. The improvements can be viewed in more detail by clicking here. 

We have also been made aware that some rumours and misleading information has been circulating about the project within the local community. We have produced a Fact Checker for the project to ensure residents have access to the facts which can be viewed by clicking here.



We held a public exhibition on Monday 9th and Wednesday 11th December at St Luke's Church to display our plans to residents. A copy of the display boards can be viewed here. 

In addition to the public exhibition, the project team have held a series of meetings with local stakeholders, including Kingswood Primary School. We are pleased to have had constructive discussions with staff at Kingswood Primary School, but we would like to emphasise that the school have not expressed an opinion on the plans. We will continue to communicate with stakeholders and local residents over the coming months to make sure they are informed of the progress of the project. 

Having reviewed the feedback received from the exhibition and in meetings with stakeholders including Kingswood Primary School, we have made significant improvements to the scheme, the details of which can be viewed here. We have also produced a Fact Checker to address rumours and misleading information that has been circulating about the project within the local community which can be viewed here. 

A planning application has now been submitted to Lambeth Council and will be determined in the coming weeks.



For further information, please contact us using the details below:

Call 020 3963 2642 or email